Technology can improve people's lives. Working to achieve this goal is one of the pillars on which Treelogic's extensive experience in the healthcare industry is based.

Digital transformation of the healthcare industry
The introduction of technological innovations is vital to improving the healthcare industry.

As a result of working closely with hospitals and health care centers around the world for over 10 years, we have developed technological solutions that optimize patient management processes.

The innovations developed by Treelogic and introduced into the healthcare industry respond to the needs posed by doctors and scientists over the course of this joint knowledge sharing and learning experience. 

There is no denying the digital transformation being experienced in the healthcare industry. The development and introduction of technological innovations is vital to improving and optimizing the complex processes that characterize industry activity.

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For those readers who are not familiar with the technical concept of triage, we should clarify that we refer to a protocol for governing healthcare responses in emergency rooms. This procedure has evolved and has been standardized to become known as the Structured Triage System. The SET assesses the risk of each patient who comes to a healthcare center to determine their order of care in the fastest and most effective manner. It integrates the most relevant consultations and catalogues the patient within one of the five standard categories, from lowest to highest risk.

Based on the SET foundation, a technological solution has been developed to help speed up the patient classification process, which Treelogic technologically supports and markets. In this way, health workers can make decisions in the shortest possible time.

The optimization of the procedure that orders patients to arrive in an emergency room is essential to improve the quality of health services. Applying our technology to the SET we achieve a continuous improvement and decrease the margin of error in a first diagnosis.

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During a doctor's consultation with his patient, different indicators are evaluated. Some are objectives such as heart rate, and others are more subjective such as the rate of pain presented by the patient, but for us have something in common: all are integrated into the algorithm that allows triage in a few seconds.

The web_e-PAT software marketed by Treelogic offers healthcare personnel, through the combination of monitored and manually entered data, a quick solution for the patient to be given the corresponding emergency order

The application of this innovative technological solution has many advantages:

Reducing the margin of human error by avoiding subjectivity in decision-making.

Streamlining the triage process to achieve qualification times of less than one minute.

The simplification of the task of defining the most suitable area for the treatment of a patient.

Re-evaluation of patients with no life-threatening conditions when their recommended waiting time for consultation has been exhausted.

The creation of a common language for all professionals attending emergencies, regardless of the size, structure or location of the healthcare centres.

Constant improvement and optimization of the SET protocol thanks to continuous software updates. 

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The web_e-PAT helps, in an active and continuous way, doctors and nursing staff in the processes of management and follow-up of emergency patients, but there are differences between whether a patient is an adult or a child. Thanks to continuous innovation, Treelogic has developed a version of the program focused on pediatrics, because it is certainly not the same type of patient.

It should be stressed that the triage procedure for children is not only an adaptation of the SET for adults, it is a risk scale fully appropriate to the paediatric approach.

Another innovative aspect of this technology is remote triage. Treelogic works with more than 150 hospitals and health centres around the world, and not all of them have the technological and infrastructure development that we have in Europe.

In less developed areas or areas where populations are very far from the main health centres, the cost of care and mobilization of medical services is very high. Therefore, the need to detect, with a high level of security, those real emergency situations and prioritize resources is basic. Thanks to the telephone triage system, it is possible to identify the risks in each case and separate the situations of maximum urgency from those that do not require immediate action.

And since the trend is for the Internet to be the centre of everything, telemedicine is the next step. Technologies applied to improve patient care remotely, monitoring all indicators while the person is at home, at work or on vacation. In this way, almost total control of the patient is achieved in order to anticipate any possible problem.

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The millions of data generated by the daily work of doctors and nurses with our platform in the more than 150 hospitals where it is implanted, become a Big Data set with many utilities.

As we said before, the technologies we have developed at Treelogic, and the continuous updates that have improved the software over more than a decade of experience in the health sector, allow us to develop models of future trends that give us an approximate vision of what the next few years will bring us. And if we add the machine learning platform with the constant innovation that characterizes Treelogic, we find a technology extraordinarily useful for health professionals.

The data generated is of great value and is categorized as high risk. In Treelogic we work with real data of patients who enter health centers with collaboration agreements, but they are always strictly anonymous. The databases are located in hospitals and their treatment is done in an aggregated and totally anonymous way.



Technology can improve people's lives. Working to achieve this goal is one of the pillars on which Treelogic's extensive experience in the healthcare industry is based.

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