Human beings have a system of vision which allows our eyes to capture what is around us and our brain to process the information, and thanks to this we are able to assess a situation and use this as the basis for making decisions. Computer vision aims to achieve this same effect through automatically obtaining visual information from cameras, digitizing and processing the images in terms of understanding what is happening, and transmitting the result in order for the appropriate authorities to act accordingly.

Treelogic’s approach in this field is to combine Computer vision techniques with Machine Learning.

Computer vision is a very broad discipline that can be employed in multiple ways. Here we will focus on its application in the field of industry and, more specifically, on the important role computer vision services play in Industry 4.0.

The concept of Industry 4.0 reflects the latest evolution of industry, whereby manufacturing plants are supported by technical and innovative solutions known as “digital enablers”. The strategic vision of the concept of Industry 4.0 emphasises the importance of converting any industrial plant into a smart factory capable of efficiently managing and automating its productive processes, irrespective of the business sector.

For an industrial plant to be able to become a smart factory implies that it is able to digitise the activities involved in its processes and convert the data into knowledge which is valuable for decision making. The importance of converting data into knowledge must be emphasised since the collection of information about a process is a necessary, but not sufficient in itself, condition for improving a process.

In this context, the unstructured information from video images or archives provides innumerable opportunities for acquiring maximum knowledge of a certain process. However, in contrast to much structured information generated by other types of sensor, images and video information need to have been processed and analysed in advance in order for them to be incorporated into monitoring systems, systems to support decision making, or specific Business Intelligence solutions.

Those providers who are able to construct solutions that assimilate the information contained in an image in a similar form to our own visual perception will be at the forefront of digital enablers in Industry 4.0.

Treelogic’s approach in this field is to combine Computer vision techniques with Machine Learning. The solutions developed on this basis of this combination have great potential since they can be applied to a variety of different sectors, as well as to different issues. In this sense they go beyond the limitations of traditional image analysis.

To this end, Treelogic employs specialised personnel from both these disciplines who work collaboratively. Thanks to this philosophy, we can deal with complex projects where, starting from the analysis of the visual information (e.g. appearance, size, form etc.) relating to people, objects, vehicles, machines, infrastructures, etc., it is possible to interpret and predict the behaviours that are occurring, on the basis of the movements, positions, dynamics or tendencies that are adopted over time.

The investment of all types of manufacturing industries in this technology, specialised in the interpretation of images or videos, triggers clear competitive advantages, which can be translated into improvements in processes, cost savings or modifications to traditional jobs in favour of those based on digital and technological specialisation, which in turn enables increased automation and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

In terms of this last point, it is important to stress the value added that this technological transition implies for workers, given that their work will be supported by technological solutions that make tasks easier, improve the efficiency of processes, and increase safety and automation levels to the maximum level possible in industrial activity.

It can therefore be concluded that there is no one single path to be adopted in terms of innovative measures in the industrial sector, and there are not one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather for each company it is necessary to plan an approach and strategy to innovation that is adapted to its own specific operations. This means that all services that are developed need to be completely personalised to the functional needs and desired results of each specific case.

Treelogic, as a technological provider, acts as a driver of change in response to certain situations and issues, and applies a flexible and responsive philosophy of development which is adaptable to the needs of each of its clients. Our principal aim is to make ourselves aware of the company’s internal operations and involve ourselves with its real needs, and in this way, as far as is possible, to construct personalised solutions using the best-fit technologies available in order to avoid rigid or generalised systems.

Our concept is based on providing responses through innovative and personalised solutions to current challenges in the industrial sector, creating a common framework that facilitates dialogue and understanding between technology experts and those in charge of manufacturing or business planning. We consider that this way of working and dealing with our clients allows us to successfully tackle projects that seek to optimise production processes and obtain the maximum profitability of the human and material resources of a company.

In this field of work, the processes of traceability, quality control, predictive maintenance, production support, workplace safety, monitoring of processes, logistics, measurement, presence detection, guidance or characterization of behaviour have a huge range of possibilities through the application of Computer vision combined with strategies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



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