Our abilities are applied to multiple scenarios and the solutions that we develop to improve production processes, in environments such as predicting quality, helping with decision-making, among others, are transforming our customers in businesses in the world of technology.

Treelogic, big data
At Treelogic we offer advanced technological solutions to improve mass, heterogenous data processing.

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The importance of data and analysing it is basic in any corporate environment nowadays, and even more so if it is technological. Every day a huge amount of data is generated, which conventional software tools and solutions are not capable of gathering and processing in an optimal time, in order to achieve the effective development of production processes.

That’s why Big Data environments and new data analytics models based on Artificial Intelligence are so highly valued nowadays. At Treelogic we understand this, and we offer advanced technological solutions to improve mass, heterogenous data processing.

The abilities and processes that we give to our customers are starting points in helping them to identify and seize new growth opportunities. At Treelogic, thanks to our multi-industrial experience and expertise, we help to focus the attention on data that provides corporate value, to reduce the costs of analysis and to create value.

The aim of our approach at Treelogic is to achieve a competitive advantage for our client regarding their competition. This working method, based on data mining and applying Machine Learning strategies and predictive models, has seen us become a benchmark in the digital transformation of businesses. 

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In order to avoid setbacks and create a calm and secure situation for the client, our agile development methods anticipate problems, allowing for a quick and effective reaction. 

Here, we’ll bring you a bit closer to the Treelogic working method:

Examine: monitoring the historical development of data.

Visualize: representation of data trends for different temporary periods.

Identify: generating useful and valuable information in real time.

Classify: instant organization of new data into pre-established categories, agreed with the client.

Predict: anticipate the numerical value of the indicators necessary for each project.

Estimate: understand the possibility of an incident happening. For example: new client intake, loss of an existing client, error in the production process, etc.

Segment: classification of homogenous data. For example, products, clients, services, transports, etc.

Recommend: propose improvements to clients in different areas in order to increase their value and presence in the market.

Optimize: analysis of production processes and optimizing them based on objectives

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To understand the advantages that each client can benefit from, we must first obtain and analyse all possible data in the business performance setting. Here at Treelogic, we offer different approaches based on Big Data, depending on the type of client, industry and setting.

Big Data platforms

At Treelogic, we develop and implement complete Big Data solutions. These solutions allow us to gather data relative to any organization to then be stored appropriately, following cleaning, formatting and data quality procedures before processing it. These types of procedures allow us to see a global view of the corporate situation and to act accordingly. 

Identification of relationships

Representing valuable organization information through the use of graph-oriented databases. This way, we provide solutions based on implementing interfaces that show data and its relevance in the clearest and most visual way possible. 

Behavioural models

Thanks to our advanced Machine Learning algorithms, we can predict behaviours that not only will the business itself be able to monitor, but also its stakeholders. These automatic prediction systems are vital in anticipating possible problems and creating preventative solutions. 

Customized recommendation

We believe in a long-term relationship with our clients, which allows us to continuously improve their processes, offering recommendation and optimization systems adapted to the distinctive features and problems. Our way of working is based on agile development methods that bring lots of flexibility and efficiency to our client’s needs.

Consumption patterns

Thanks to the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, at Treelogic we are able to detect behavioural patterns which optimize the organizational management of a business. For example, once energy consumption data is gathered and analysed, our pattern recognition systems, created to predict demand, will improve the processes related to supply management.

Fraud detection

Among our data analytics processes, we are able offer fraud prevention models. These Machine Learning systems analyze behavioural patterns and are able to detect possible levels of risk, which saves a lot of time and resources when implementing solutions to possible frauds.

Quality control

Identifying errors and abnormalities in the different processes within the organisation is crucial to avoiding performance problems. Optimizing the production processes should be constantly maintained thanks to the monitoring of key indicators.

Now that you understand in more detail the solutions that Treelogic can provide for your business in data analytics, it only remains for you to get in touch with us. Our team of professionals, with extensive experience in the industry, would love to help you and propose innovative approaches to optimizing your business, in order to reap the rewards that the challenge of digital transformation offers.



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