TREELOGIC TEAM | 01/02/2019

One of Treelogic’s main objectives, in all of our projects, is to help our clients discover how data can add value to their business. Identifying and exploiting the competitive advantage within any sector is fundamental in order to achieve the best market position.

The Treelogic approach: We Deal With Data
Our motto drives us: We Deal With Data, we work with data at all levels to help our clients.

Our teams of professionals work with clients in many very different sectors, offering them solutions in the processing of mass information. Thanks to our techniques, based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data architectures, data mining and the creation of predictive models give them an advantage over their competitors in the sector.

Treelogic's approach to data analytics is based on the know-how of years of experience in numerous complex projects, which have given us the knowledge to understand what steps need to be taken and how we should take them. The procedures we establish to work on a project will depend on the sector and the client, since each market is different and, therefore, the way we act in it must also be different. In addition, these processes, although standardised, are always in continuous evolution and will be adjusted to the needs of each client.

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At Treelogic we are aware of the complexity of the work we do. Our product offering is based on very detailed technical aspects of certain computer and technological topics which, in most cases, require maximum precision. That is why we are present in all phases of the project, working with the client's internal staff and providing the necessary support. 

From start to finish. From the beginning of the analysis to the last data processed by our technological products, Treelogic always works with the client to facilitate the communication and streamlining of the project. In this way we ensure that the loss of information is minimal and that processes are as optimal as possible.

As we say, the way we work is comprehensive and complete. The preliminary analysis, where the best technologies and structures for the project are chosen, the different integrations of the architectures and environments, and, of course, the analysis of the data obtained, are all carried out with coordination between the client and Treelogic. 

We are satisfied that our technological solutions help in the decision-making process of our clients. The tools we develop provide advantages by generating powerful reports, statistics and dashboards to predict behaviours, scenarios and potential problems, allowing business actions and strategies to be developed more reliably.

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Technological development is leading to serious changes in the work processes in most sectors of the economy. Under these new circumstances, the companies that focus on innovation, offering their services to the new industry 4.0, will be the ones with the highest growth and best performance. At Treelogic, as specialists in complex applications derived from technology and drivers of research and technical development, we offer a wide range of services and products for those operating in the economy.

We focus on the processes linked to digital transformation and try to use all our experience in Big Data and automated and deep learning systems. At Treelogic we adapt to every project thanks to our flexible and adaptable know-how.

In order to guarantee the highest quality results, we have advanced monitoring systems to control any types of problem and be able to anticipate them. 

As we say, our principle of focussing on achieving the optimal result leads us to establish methods of continuous collaboration with clients, as well as any other party involved in the project, at each and every stage: from the research activity to the final implementation of solutions.

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In the midst of the technological revolution, the new information and communication tools, platforms and applications are recognisable and everyday thanks to their easy handling and usability. The virtue of turning something very complex into apparently simple functionality is one of the great advantages of innovation and development. At Treelogic we build our digital architectures and environments efficiently and in a scalable format, to deliver the best possible results in real time through simple, understandable and very intuitive interfaces.

Through constantly observing the digital environment, at Treelogic we focus on taking advantage of the opportunities offered by business to adapt them to the different approaches we work with. 

Our motto drives us: We Deal With Data, we work with data at all levels to help our clients.



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