These are times of continuous change. Our society, once more stable, is now experiencing permanent and dynamic change as a consequence of advancing technology. The constant transformation we are experiencing affects all areas of the economy, and financial organizations play a crucial role in this whole process.

Treelogic: Banking and Insurance
Our solutions allow, among other things, to visualize the relationships between data.

As a modern, forward-looking solution provider, we at Treelogic have taken advantage of market opportunities to grow. Over time, we have diversified our activity across different economic sectors with the aim of increasing the variety of the complex products we offer. 

The driving principle shared by all our endeavours is the application of the know-how and experience gleaned from our work with our clients for over 20 years.

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Financial institutions and insurance companies have been progressively transforming through digitalization for some time, and at Treelogic, we work together with these organizations on the path to transformation.

Banks and insurance companies rely on us to meet the challenge of digitalization, knowing that Treelogic can offer effective technology solutions across the full scope of their operations thanks to our degree of specialization.

The advanced applications of Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Vision give our customers the expected performance at every moment, from the beginning of the project to the end of it.

From Treelogic we work with a methodology focused on providing solutions to any issue that may arise during the project. Our analytical approach is based on an integral vision of the work. From the beginning and throughout the entire consulting process - development of Big Data architectures, implementation of technologies and data analysis for subsequent decision making - the customer is accompanied.

The choice of technology, the development of a methodology and, above all, the analysis of data, requires mutual understanding, forming an effective working team.

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Applying R&D and new technologies, we have developed a family of solutions that focuses on providing solutions to one of the most redundant problems in the banking and insurance sector: fraud.

Collecting, understanding and efficiently using the large volume of data offered by Big Data and Data Science makes it possible to develop effective fraud detection and analysis technologies.

Deception is part of the game in these sectors and is always a setback for financial and insurance companies. To have the ability to anticipate and remedy such behaviour is to gain a competitive advantage of great importance, as low response times speed up decision-making and allow resources to be focused on the issues most at risk of fraud.

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We meet in the digital age. Documents, images, various files... all are records that leave their mark on the Internet environment, and are therefore susceptible to manipulation. One of the solutions offered by Treelogic to customers in the insurance sector is based on the analysis of these files, with the aim of revealing any inconsistency or malicious editing. Our algorithm detects these contradictory data and analyzes the situation by providing a report of results, so that the team of experts can verify the information and make the relevant decisions. 

Another SERIF solution, as this family of solutions created by Treelogic is called, models all the data of a company, allowing different types of relationships to be visualized. Its intuitive interface facilitates the investigation of claims and the discovery of possible fraud networks. 

But SERIF does not limit itself to its own information; it also tracks data of potential interest to our clients from external sources, in order to detect signs of fraud based on the information extracted from them. 

Our technology, developed on the basis of long experience in working with financial and insurance companies, allows the processing of this symbiosis between different sources of information. And as we mentioned earlier, Treelogic's methodology is based on an ongoing partnership with the client. From beginning to end. From the installation of the tool to the detection of fraud and subsequent decision making.



The ability to detect fraudulent situations is a delicate subject that applies to many industries, especially affecting companies in the financial and insurance sectors.

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One of Treelogic’s main objectives, in all of our projects, is to help the client discover how data can add value to their business. Identifying and exploiting the competitive advantage within any sector is fundamental in order to achieve the best market position. 

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The millions of pieces of data that are currently generated in the digital age would be of no use without systems to channel all that information. The group of technologies that enables the mass processing of this data set is what is known as Big Data. 

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Our abilities are applied to multiple scenarios and the solutions that we develop to improve production processes, in environments such as predicting quality, helping with decision-making, among others, are transforming our customers in businesses in the world of technology. 

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