ALBERTO ALONSO| 14/05/2019

Solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are going to contribute decisively to facing the international challenge of making health care systems sustainable. Treelogic combines knowledge and experience in data processing and exploitation as well as in the digitization of the health care sector.

Solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Data-based solutions help optimize health care.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

Treelogic possesses a team of experts who have been implementing high value-added projects in the health care field for more than a decade, helping to facilitate the work of professionals, which increases the quality of care both received and perceived by users.

Throughout this time, we have increasingly specialized in the field of medical emergencies. We have been able to develop multiple projects in this field, such as software for improving coordination in the event of an accident at an airport, applying patient identification technologies and methodologies for prioritizing injuries in accidents involving multiple victims. We have also built monitoring maps of patients in hospital emergency care units, where we have launched our best-known program, the Web_e-PAT, which is the implementation of the most widely used emergency triage system in Spain, the Structured Triage System (SET). We can proudly say that over ten million patients a year are classified with this software in more than 200 hospitals and primary care centres, which explains why our motto is "We Deal with Data".

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

These projects have allowed us to become experts in the health care information system integration, exchanging patient data among over twenty electronic medical databases. We can confidently assert, without fear of being mistaken, that we are one of the most specialized SMEs in interoperability, communication with data integration engines and HL7 messaging that exists in Spain.

This background and expertise are essential in view of the diversity and heterogeneity of the information systems used by the health care services of the various autonomous communities.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

The experience of our team has led, for example, to ensuring that applications such as Web_e-PAT are very easy to use by nursing staff, having made the communications between emergency admissions, triage and subsequent consultation with medical staff seem to the user part of the same interface, when in fact those hospital systems were developed in most cases with technologies very different from the one we implement. 

Our applied knowledge results in a decrease in patient waiting times and an increase in the degree of satisfaction of professionals, who can view all the information integrated on the same screen.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

The know-how acquired in our health solutions, added to our experience in the application of the most innovative technologies of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, makes us today the ideal partner for the implementation of use cases difficult to imagine a few years ago.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

We are able to take on projects as interesting as predicting the number of patients expected to arrive at a hospital in the next few hours, or the medical and nursing staff that will be needed to treat them, analysing millions of data in real time and complementing them with historical records from several years of visits. Let's consider a few more ideas along this line:

Can you imagine an application on your mobile phone informing you of the average waiting time if you decide to go to a local hospital or primary care centre within 10 minutes? This is already possible with today's technology.

Today we are able to tell you the medical specialist who should treat you, if you answer a series of simple questions about your state of health using our mobile autotriage system, without the need to do a google search and in a much faster and more reliable way.

These are just a few examples of what we at Treelogic know how to do, but the use cases that can be addressed are both infinite and exciting; there is still a long way to go.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

It is no less true that to implement this type of proposals, it is necessary to be very strict in our commitment to the protection of confidential data, for which we provide support to health care providers in the process of anonymization of unstructured data recorded by doctors in natural language. For this purpose, we employ experts in semantic analysis, in data mining processes, and automatic learning.

Treelogic: Big Data y Analytics

On the other hand, it is mandatory for the different administrations to define clear protocols and agile mechanisms from a legal point of view so that companies like us can more easily access anonymous datasets in order to carry out research and transfer our knowledge to IT solutions that are becoming more and more appreciated in the industry. The number of scientific publications generated in Spain regarding health technologies is among the highest in the world; however, the number of success stories involving the application of these insights to day-to-day health care is unfortunately very low. This owes partly to the fact that the clinical data sets that exist and which are open to the scientific community are mostly exclusively for research use, not for developing business solutions, which seems to be a contradiction and acts as a brake on progress in the industry.

In the coming years we hope to see a legislated "liberation" of clinical data, while we can guarantee that Treelogic will continue in this process of generating solutions that will provide a return to health care administrations on the money that we all have all invested in classical research, in the form of useful tools



The millions of pieces of data that are currently generated in the digital age would be of no use without systems to channel all that information. The group of technologies that enables the mass processing of this data set is what is known as Big Data. 

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One of Treelogic’s main objectives, in all of our projects, is to help the client discover how data can add value to their business. Identifying and exploiting the competitive advantage within any sector is fundamental in order to achieve the best market position. 

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Technology can improve people's lives. Working to achieve this goal is one of the pillars on which Treelogic's extensive experience in the healthcare industry is based. 

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